dev Grant Services for Faculty

Grants got you down? At EGC we can help increase your likelihood of funding by ensuring your proposals are developed and written clearly and concisely through our comprehensive services offered below.

  • Assistance in developing a clear, persuasive proposal
  • Reviewing and/or editing the drafts of the proposal written by you
  • Evaluation of final written proposal to ensure compliance with all requirements and language is positioned in such a way to increase likelihood of success!

Small to Large Colleges and Universities

EGC has provided pivotal support to faculty from a myriad of colleges and universities all across the United States. Our Scientific Consultants possess extensive relationships with program officers in all of the federal agencies that provide funding opportunities to higher education institutes. We aim to provide a better understanding of funding opportunities to our clients.

Services Offered

Eva Garland Consulting (EGC) prides itself in providing consulting services for higher education institutions. With a Scientific Consulting team well versed in areas such as federal grants, foundations, Congressionally-directed medical research funding opportunities and university-wide strategic research projects we focus our support on increasing your chances of being funded. Clients work directly with EGC’s Ph.D. level Scientific Consultants who provide expertise in obtaining grant funding in the client’s research and technical field. Our services include writing full proposals as well as providing critical scientific review and editing to increase the competitiveness of the grant applications.