Dr. Arsalan Daudi

Arsalan Daudi, Ph.D.

Dr. Arsalan Daudi is a molecular biologist with expertise in host-microbe interactions, plant immunity, biochemistry and microbiology. Dr. Daudi’s scientific achievements include characterization of fungal disease resistance loci in wheat, developing proteomics techniques to identify immune signaling factors in Arabidopsis, and studies of plant immunity. Dr. Daudi has experience writing and winning research grants from multiple government funding agencies including the NIH, NSF and USDA. He served as a member of the leadership team for the peer-reviewed protocol journal, Bio-protocol, and has provided strategic consulting to numerous businesses in the life sciences. In his free time, Dr. Daudi enjoys biking the Durham greenways, hiking, gardening and relaxing with friends and family.

Education: B.Sc. in Biotechnology from the University of Nottingham, UK; Ph.D. in Molecular Plant Pathology from the University of East Anglia, UK (based at Rothamsted Research and Monsanto UK)