Brian Waters, Ph.D.

Dr. Brian Waters has expertise in molecular biology, genetics, functional genomics, and plant biology. During his PhD studies at the University of Missouri, Dr. Waters studied the regulation of iron uptake in plants and yeast. Following his PhD, he taught biology courses as an Assistant Professor at McMurry University for two years, before moving back to academic research. Dr. Waters completed two postdoctoral positions in the Department of Biology at the University of Massachusetts and at the Baylor College of Medicine/USDA-ARS Children’s Nutrition Research Center in Houston, Texas. Dr. Waters then joined the faculty of the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln as an Assistant Professor and was promoted to Associate Professor. During this time, he published numerous journal articles and received grant funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF), United States Department of Agriculture-National Institute of Food and Agriculture (USDA-NIFA), and other funding agencies. He also served as a peer reviewer for numerous scientific journals, as a grant panelist for NSF and USDA-NIFA, and as a proposal reviewer for several other agencies. At the University of Nebraska, he established a senior and graduate-level course, Scientific Writing and Communication, and founded the Scientific Writing Lab, a learning hub for students and postdocs. In his free time, Dr. Waters enjoys hiking, trail running, cycling, and spending time with friends and family.

Education: BS in Agronomy from Missouri State University, MS in Plant Physiology from University of Missouri, PhD in Molecular Biology from University of Missouri.