Devjanee Swain-Lentz, Ph.D.

Devjanee Swain, Ph.D.

Dr. Devjanee (Devi) Swain Lenz has a scientific background in experimental and computational genomics, metabolomics, gene regulation, molecular evolution, and genome engineering. During her doctoral work, she was funded by a National Institutes of Health (NIH) T32 Training grant to study speciation genomics and quantitative genetics of metabolomics in yeast. Her postdoctoral work at Duke University, funded by a Triangle Center for Evolutionary Medicine Seed Grant, focused on the evolution of human body fat. Throughout her career, Dr. Swain received numerous accolades including an Ernst Mayr Nomination and the prestigious Charles W. Hargitt Research Fellowship. She has written and contributed to various grant proposals submitted to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF). In addition to her research pursuits, Dr. Swain has held multiple leadership roles in outreach programs to increase equity and diversity in STEM fields. In her current role, Dr. Swain Lenz is most excited to learn about clients’ latest technologies and collaborate with her colleagues to meet clients’ needs. In her free time, Dr. Swain enjoys spending time with her family, singing, watching sports, and being outdoors.

  • Biotechnology
  • Education
  • Scientific Consultant, Eva Garland Consulting
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, Duke Center for Genomic and Computational Biology, Duke University
  • B.S. in Biochemistry and German from the University of Pittsburgh
  • Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics and Genomics and Teaching Certificate from Washington University in St. Louis