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Michael McCall, CPA

Michael McCall, CPA has held financial and accounting roles at businesses ranging in size from startups to publicly traded companies and understands that every business needs careful financial management in order to thrive and accomplish its mission. He enjoys serving the needs of businesses by guiding them through challenging financial and compliance scenarios. These situations include meeting financial reporting and compliance requirements, implementing internal controls, representing organizations in audits, enhancing cash flow, and organizational restructuring.

Mr. McCall has supported businesses in a wide range of industries including Defense, Environmental, Engineering, Healthcare, Nonprofit, Manufacturing and Contracting. He has provided financial services supporting government contracts aggregating $500 million annually and has secured traditional financing for a $40 million credit facility.

Mr. McCall previously served as the CFO for Wall Recycling and Sessler Companies and also held key roles at companies that are regulated by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and various governmental entities. He was awarded Financial Executive of the Year for Transformational Leadership in Syracuse, NY.

When he is away from work, Mr. McCall is enjoying a healthy lifestyle while raising three energetic daughters with his wife.

Education: B.S. in Accounting and Information Management from Roberts Wesleyan College