Shweta Dambal, Ph.D.

Dr. Shweta (Shea) Dambal is a molecular biologist with expertise in oncology, prostate cell biology and epigenetics. Dr. Dambal’s Ph.D. studies at University of Illinois at Chicago examined the complex role of microRNAs as regulators of zinc homeostasis and vitamin D mediated actions in the prostate gland. During her postdoctoral tenure at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (CSMC), Dr. Dambal investigated the role of cholesterol and its derivatives during prostate carcinogenesis. She has received prestigious awards for her novel research proposal related to cholesterol derivative, 27-hydroxycholesterol, in prostate cancer from the DOD Prostate Cancer Research Program and the American Urological Association. Dr. Dambal also collaborated in the development of a NIH program project (P01) grant on cholesterol and prostate cancer and participated in multi-team P01 meetings alongside pioneers in the field, where she regularly contributed her scientific ideas towards proposal design, development and writing. This unique opportunity along with Dr. Dambal’s personal proposal writing success fostered her interest in scientific consulting and grant writing. During her spare time, Dr. Dambal enjoys reading, watching sports and exploring the outdoors with her husband and dog.

Education: B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis; M.A. in Biology from Washington University in St. Louis; Ph.D. in Pathology from University of Illinois at Chicago