Stacey Lee, Ph.D.

Dr. Stacey Lee is a molecular biologist with expertise in neuroscience, genetics, biochemistry, and cellular biology. During graduate school at Vanderbilt University, Dr. Lee studied the role of genetics in brain development and behavior. She also completed two internships developing cancer diagnostic assays at small biotech companies. In her postdoctoral work at UT Health, Dr. Lee studied stroke and traumatic brain injury. She next worked at RTI International overseeing laboratory operations for newborn screening pilot studies at the North Carolina State Laboratory of Public Health. She worked with the laboratory team to validate and implement biochemical and molecular screening methodologies to test for rare genetic disorders, such as severe combined immunodeficiency, x-linked adrenoleukodystrophy, spinal muscular atrophy, and fragile x syndrome. Throughout her career, Dr. Lee has written and won grants from the NIH, CDC, and private foundations. Her wide-ranging experience allows her to develop proposals in a variety of fields. In her free time, Dr. Lee enjoys dancing and exercise classes and volunteers as a mentor for NC State students.


Education: B.S. in Biochemistry, Cellular, and Molecular Biology and Hispanic Studies from the University of Tennessee; Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from Vanderbilt University