Strategic Planning

Developing a Strategic Non-Dilutive Funding Plan

EGC assists clients in developing a detailed strategic plan to incorporate non-dilutive funding into their overall product development plans.  Our process is highly customized to meet each client’s needs.  We consider both the R&D and business objectives of our clients, and provide them with a comprehensive plan that includes:

1) Identifying and prioritizing non-dilutive funding opportunities to accelerate product development.  Non-dilutive funding can provide critical capital to advance innovative technologies, but it can also become a distraction, and even detract from product development, if it is not carefully integrated within a company’s overall business objectives.  EGC helps clients create a plan to secure non-dilutive funding that will efficiently and effectively advance their business objectives.

2) Establishing a timeline for proposal submissions.  EGC works with clients to establish an appropriate “pipeline” of proposal submissions to increase the probability that sufficient non-dilutive funds will be awarded to meet clients’ product development requirements.

3) Recommending appropriate internal and external effort and resources required to support grant submissions. Internal and external resource requirements depend on multiple factors.  Some clients are well-positioned to develop an internal infrastructure to support grant submissions; other clients are better-served by outsourcing most of the grant-writing and submission process.  We work with clients to determine the most appropriate strategy for preparing successful proposals, based on their existing internal expertise, financial resources and business strategy.

4) Providing strategies to streamline and accelerate grant submissions and awards.  Our years of experience working with funding agencies have provided us with an “insider” knowledge of these agencies’ processes and procedures.  We save clients months of time by helping them navigate through the agencies’ complex and nuanced submission processes.

5) Preparing an investor-ready presentation of the client’s non-dilutive funding strategy.  Companies developing innovative technologies are typically more attractive to investors when they include a strategy to incorporate non-dilutive funding into their overall product development plan.  Non-dilutive funding serves to de-risk equity funding, and the peer-review process required to obtain grants provides an external validation of the value of the technology.  We provide clients with presentation materials that detail their non-dilutive funding strategies, objectives, and timelines.