Working with today’s top innovative companies, universities, incubators and government agencies

Built on our principle of Excellence, EGC adopts a tailored and thorough strategy to assist every client in reaching their fundraising objectives.

We initiate many client collaborations with a Strategic Non-Dilutive Funding Plan, allowing our Scientific Grants Experts to forge a solid connection with the client and grasp their scientific goals, funding requirements, project scope, and timelines.

Our Experts then align a comprehensive plan to meet the specific needs of our client, which includes:

  • Identification and prioritization of non-dilutive funding opportunities
  • Gantt chart of proposal preparation, submission, and funding timelines
  • Resources required to support grant submissions
  • Strategies to increase competitiveness of grant submissions

Through our Proposal Support Services, clients collaborate directly with EGC’s Scientific Grants Experts, all of whom hold Ph.D.s and have deep experience securing funding from numerous government agencies and private foundations. Our services include:

  • Writing and submitting full proposals
  • Support with registrations and budget preparation
  • Critical scientific review and editing
  • Strategies to increase the competitiveness of the grant applications

Our team’s expertise spans over 100 federal and state agencies and private foundations, that collectively provide over $1 trillion in funding opportunities each year.

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Accelerating Development of Innovative Technologies

EGC’s extraordinary team of scientists and accountants are ready to secure and manage non-dilutive funding to support your scientific innovations. Contact us to learn more.

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