“My experience with EGC and most specifically with our Scientific Consultant Angie Pollard was excellent.  Big perspective, EGC immediately addressed my initial concerns and provided an amazing consultant. Angie Pollard is knowledgeable, professional and an expert in grant writing consultation. I highly recommend EGC and Angie Pollard for your grant writing needs.”

– Caryn Bradley, CB Enterprises

“I had a great experience with Dr. Lu, she was very knowledgeable and had a quick turnaround time for drafts and good availability.”

– Adam Strong, Group14 Technology

“Lindsay is a superbly customer-centric person and she is well organized and keeps the team on track. EGC makes the job of applying for grants simple and much less scary.”

– Safia Rizvi, Cila Therapeutics

“Chris was exceptional to work with. He was timely, efficient and came up to speed on a challenging technical submission quickly.”

– Tony Arnold, Sensydia

“Lara did an outstanding job helping our team to prepare and submit our SBIR grant. She was extremely knowledgeable, skilled, responsive, organized, diligent and an overall pleasure to work with. I give her and EGC my highest recommendation.”

– TonDaniel Goldman, Constantiam Bio

“Nate was an outstanding consultant and I have been extremely happy to have him as my advisor.”

– Jan Czyzyk, Protea Therapeutics

“The EGC Consultant for us was Arsalan. He was super super helpful and always very responsive to our questions and help needed. It would have been impossible to put a strong application together without his help.”

– Shaun Mitra, Briocare

“Catherine is terrific to work with. She provided excellent guidance and a comprehensive, compelling work product on a very short timeline. Communications and to-do lists were clear, kept up-to-date and prioritized appropriately.”

– Nance Dicciani, RTM Vital Signs

“Working with Melissa Li and Lu Lu was honestly one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done in my professional career. I’m extremely happy with our work regardless of the funding outcome and I’d be happy to shout from the rooftops if needed!”

– Justin Dues, Prohuman Technologies

“Yesterday, Temblor was awarded a Phase II SBIR grant from the National Science Foundation. We received a $225K Phase I grant in 2017. Your review of our Commercialization Plan and Project Description was crucial, and we are so grateful.”

It is very tough building a company from scratch, so we are grateful for your help.”

– Ross S. Stein, Ph.D., CEO & Cofounder, Temblor, Inc.

“I want to thank you for your advice and guidance. It looks like I will get the NIH STTR grant I applied for. I resubmitted in January, got a good score with no noted weaknesses.”

– Kelly L. Drew, Ph.D., Professor, University of Alaska Fairbanks

“Working with EGC has been an excellent experience. They spent the time necessary to fully understand our technology, which made the strategy & application recommendations extremely detailed. We look forward to working with them again.”

– Nick Letourneau, Director of R&D, Undercover Colors

“I have had the pleasure of working with Erin and Eva Garland Consulting (EGC) for the past year at Heat Biologics as a client, and plan to continuing work with her and EGC for all our grant writing needs.  Erin is highly professional, in both her mannerisms and interaction with our partners. She fully engages the client and becomes an integrated partner. Erin’s knowledge base is irreplaceable, she understands the intricacies of various funding agencies, both public health and dept of defense, national and international.  She helped us on numerous STTRs, SBIRs, DoD grant opportunities with success.

Erin “owns the show”, we as the client depend on her for navigating the system, pulling together all the right people and parts, traveling with us to sites and speaking on our behalf.  For this type of service need, the client is completely dependent on what the grant writer can synthesize and assemble, you need to share a brain, Erin knows how to do this and does it with a smile.  We are happy to call her part of our Heat Biologics team.”

– Matthew M. Seavey, PhD, Senior Director of Research, Heat Biologics, Inc.

“I’ve had an excellent experience with the Eva Garland Consulting team. Tiger was excellent to have as both an advisor and grant writer. Aron (Accounting) and Drew (Compliance) were equally important in the entire process. Without them, the grant funding likely would not have been possible.

Eva Garland Consulting is a great business, and I will highly recommend their company to others. Our school, the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, has hired your company to help with other university startups. Many thanks again to all who’ve helped us.”

– Lindon Young, Ph.D., Founder & CSO, Young Therapeutics

“I just wanted to thank you for all of your help on the DoD grant. It was taxing process, but I think it was a strong application. We put in as strong of an application as we could, and you were an integral part of that, so I just want to extend our gratitude.”

– Dr. Raymond Alvarez, CEO, Ichor Biologics

“I was one of several faculty at the University of Alaska Fairbanks that was participating in your seminars provided to help us develop SBIR proposals. I was very fortunate, and the USDA just called to let me know that I got my Phase I awarded starting in June.

I wanted to thank you for all your advice and expertise you provide in your seminars and through your book. I followed your advice to a T and USDA liked the proposal – developing a nutraceutical from AK blueberries to blunt inflammatory and oxidative stress in the CNS with the goal to alleviate cognitive deficits in aging and perhaps some chronic neurodegenerative diseases. I am excited and already worry about a Phase II proposal. I will for certain seek your advice in the future for guidance and my proposals.

Thank you and all the best.”

– Tom Kuhn, Ph.D., Faculty, University of Alaska Fairbanks

“I just wanted to personally thank you for all your hard work in steering us through the grant process for our two Phase 1 Applications. Your support was outstanding and professional. It was a pleasure working with you. Thanks, again!”

– David Myer, Contracts Manager, ILS

“As an orthopaedic surgeon, I’ve faced some difficult tasks including making it through medical school and an arduous postgraduate training program. I’ve published bench and clinical research papers. I’ve served on a variety of public and private boards of directors, some of which were difficult and perplexing. None, however, was as confusing as applying for a NIH research grant. The language was “foreign” and several government websites had to be navigated. Different websites used different terminology to mean the same thing.

I’ve now applied three times. For the first I worked on the application for months and thought it was in on time. Later I learned that it had not even been accepted. The second time we used a consultant and did a little better but missed some chances to improve our application and never had a chance.

Finally, we were guided to Eva Garland Consulting, LLC. Suddenly we had
understandable guidance and effective assistance. Their knowledge and experience were clear. Eva knew how to approach the process and improve our application to the point that we are cautiously optimistic that we will be successful this time around. I highly and unequivocally recommend Eva Garland Consulting, LLC. There is no question that I will wish to engage her for my next grant application.”

– James D. Hundley, MD, VP – Research, GO2, LLC

“Dr. Garland’s expert and insightful work on our proposals brought us unprecedented success with our grant applications. In her hands they became compelling statements of our work that commanded recognition by the study sections. She is also on top of peripheral but important aspects of the funding process. We consider her an essential partner in our strategy for obtaining non-dilutive funding from a variety of sources including the NIH.”

– Cuthbert Simpkins MD, President and Chief Scientific Officer, Vivacelle Bio, Inc.

“Eva Garland Consulting is a valuable asset to Kepley BioSystems. As a first-time grantee, the Team at EGC has continually provided and educated our enterprise with all matters of grants compliance. Whether it is budgeting, accounting, reporting, or strategic guidance, they have delivered exceptionally on every circumstance. We are grateful to have such a talent organization in our corner every step of the way.”

– Anthony L. Dellinger, Ph.D., President of Kepley BioSystems Incorporated, Adjunct Researcher at the Joint School of Nanoscience & Nanoengineering

“Just wanted to say thank you for taking your time to arrange these sessions with us and provide us with your expertise and experience. I feel a lot more confident to have a foundation to attempt to write a competitive SBIR. I will certainly contact you with respect to my SBIR proposal development between now and the submission deadline. Thank you so much.”

– Participant, Eva Garland Consulting SBIR/STTR Workshop

“We love everyone and everything EGC! Thank you for incredible support.”

– Zachary G. Forbes, Ph.D., President & CEO, Celldom, Inc.