Bezwada Biomedical has secured $1.225 M from NSF to advance their bioabsorbable surgical tissue adhesive, TissuBond™.

Client: Bezwada Biomedical  .  Location: Hillsborough Township, New Jersey
Years: 2018  – Present  .  Sector: Biomedical  .  Link:

Bezwada Biomedical has secured $1.225 M from NSF to advance its bioabsorbable surgical tissue adhesive, TissuBond™, which can be used for either internal or external wound closure.

Founded in 2003, Bezwada Biomedical is introducing a new polymer technology that is centered around a novel chemistry approach, which leverages hard segment chemistry to generate completely absorbable polyurethanes. This approach allows for the material to break down into fully biocompatible products while providing tunable degradation and absorption rates and the required strength for a wide range of tissue adhesive applications. As a first-to-market application of this technology, Bezwada Biomedical is focused on developing TissuBond for the closure of internal and external surgical wounds.

Bezwada Biomedical engaged with EGC in 2018 for the development of a non-dilutive funding strategy, which provided critical guidance pertaining to addressing gaps to ensure a competitive application and ideal funding agencies to target. With assistance from EGC, Bezwada Biomedical secured an NSF Phase I SBIR award in 2019 which supported proof-of-concept studies for TissuBond. The success of the Phase I project paired with EGC’s support enabled Bezwada Biomedical to secure NSF Phase II SBIR funding that will allow them to complete device validation and FDA required assessments needed for product commercialization.


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