As an EGC grant writing and accounting client since 2015, Dignify Therapeutics has secured $15M in funding to assist in the development of their therapeutics for people with spinal cord injuries.

Client: Dignify Therapeutics  .  Location: Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
Sector: Therapeutics  .  Link:

Dignify Therapeutics first engaged with EGC in 2015 to map out the many grant opportunities available for the company’s new approach to restoring bladder and bowel function for people with spinal cord injury (SCI) or neurological conditions. EGC and Dignify Therapeutics then partnered on executing the strategy provided in the Strategic Non-Dilutive Funding Plan. Through this partnership, Dignify Therapeutics has secured over $15M in non-dilutive funding, that has enabled the company to advance through pre-clinical studies and into clinical trials. EGC’s accounting team has also provided full-service support to Dignify Therapeutics over the past 5 years, and Dignify Therapeutics has successfully passed all government-required audits.


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