InnAVasc Medical, founded to enhance hemodialysis patient safety, has secured over $2 million in NIH funding with EGC's support, culminating in its acquisition by W. L. Gore & Associates for further development.

Client: InnAVasc  .  Location: Durham, North Carolina
Year: 2016 – Present  . Sector: Medical Device  .  Link:

InnAVasc Medical, Inc. was founded by Jeffrey Lawson, MD, PhD and Shawn Gage PA-C, who were driven by a desire to protect their patients at Duke Hospital from needle-related injuries (NRI) and the resultant bleeding complications commonly seen among hemodialysis patients in their vascular surgery clinic. InnAVasc secured a Phase I NIH SBIR award in 2016 and engaged EGC’s accounting and compliance team to manage the award. For the past 8 years, EGC has served as InnAVasc’s accounting team, and has successfully supported InnAVasc through several financial and compliance audits.

While InnAVasc was able to prepare their NIH Phase I award successfully on their own, they recognized that preparing their Phase II NIH SBIR proposal, that included a clinical trial, would be more complex, and so they engaged EGC’s Scientific Consulting team for support. InnAVasc successfully secured the Phase II award for over $2 Million, and subsequently collaborated with EGC’s Scientific Team to prepare an additional $5 Million of successful grant proposals.

In 2022, InnAVasc was acquired by W. L. Gore & Associates. InnaVAsc is working with Gore to complete clinical trials and commercialize their novel vascular graft.


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