Since 2015, Kepley Biosystems has thrived under EGC's expert accounting and compliance management, allowing them to focus on pioneering environmentally sustainable technologies.

Client: Kepley Biosystems  .  Location: Greensboro, North Carolina
Year: 2015 – Present  . Sector: Life science  .  Link:

Kepley Biosystems’ President, Anthony Dellinger, was thrilled when the company secured their first NSF SBIR award in 2015. However, his excitement quickly turned to anxiety when he discovered the complex accounting and compliance requirements for grant awardees. Based on a tip he received from a fellow awardee, Mr. Dellinger called EGC to support the firm’s accounting and compliance needs. For the past 9 years, EGC’s Accounting team has supported Kepley Biosystems as they have secured additional funding from the NSF SBIR program and other funding agencies.

While EGC has taken care of all of Kepley Biosystem’s accounting needs and ensured the company’s compliance with granting agency regulations, Mr. Dellinger and the Kepley Biosciences team have been able to focus their attention on multiple innovative projects that support environmental sustainability. The company has recently received press coverage from Yahoo Finance! for their NSF SBIR–funded work in developing a novel, sustainable method for securing blood from horseshoe crabs that they are currently commercializing.