With EGC's assistance, FaceView Mask secured Phase I and II STTR awards, enabling clinical trials and the successful commercialization of a KN95 mask with a clear window.

Client: FaceView Mask  .  Location: Medford, Oregon
Sector: Medical Device Company  .  Link: faceviewmask.com

During her 40-year career as an RN, Jeanne Hahne experienced first-hand the importance of the nurse/patient relationship. Unfortunately, the face masks required of medical workers often interfered with their ability to establish a close connection with patients since patients could not see much of their faces. In some situations, such as with patients with hearing disorders, the inability to read lips resulted in severe challenges.

Ms. Hahne invented the FaceView Mask to provide a transparent facemask for medical workers.  She engaged with EGC to secure both Phase I and Phase II STTR awards from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NINDS). With these funds, FaceView Mask has completed a clinical trial and successfully commercialized their product, providing a KN95 mask with a clear window for use by medical professionals as well as the general public.